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La Vallée
Our  country farm house in Brittany offers the opportunity to relax and be wined and dined in the beautiful French countryside.  House Pictures by Michael 2003 IMG_1539 (6).JPG (1089053 bytes)
enjoy the quiet ambience of the house and surroundings dsc00648.jpg (613120 bytes)
take a canal trip Julie and Chris.JPG (128698 bytes)
visit the Normandy landing beaches Omaha Prints 2.JPG (94103 bytes)
the moving war cemeteries DSC00010.JPG (87777 bytes)

visit the largest medieval castle in in Europe in the nearby ancient town of Fougères

dsc01429.jpg (102836 bytes)
visit beautiful Mont St Michel dsc00620.jpg (603308 bytes)

see the world famous Bayeux Tapestry

Bayeux Tapestry DSC00028.JPG (93239 bytes)

days at the beach

Vib and Rob 34.JPG (92347 bytes)

walks in the forest

Neighbours  Andre and Kate near Chateau.JPG (89060 bytes)

lunch in traditional French cafe just a walk from the house

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Enjoy French Games palet2.jpg (90536 bytes)
banquet dinner at a First Class French Country Restaurant dsc01221.jpg (179404 bytes)


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