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La Vallée

Following several years of Charter Yacht experience with the premier companies in the Caribbean and the World we are now able to offer the same excellent level of service in our house La Vallée.

Our French Farm house vacation offers the opportunity to visit the D-Day landing beaches and memorials from WW2, the beautiful  Monastery island of Mont St. Michel and the  Walled Fortress Coastal City of St. Malo and traditional French Restaurants.  We are surrounded by centuries of history in a culturally rich and diverse area.

It is up to you:-

- mix and match quiet days with day trips 

- see and do everything

- sit and enjoy the gentle ambience of the house

We believe there is nothing better in our rural village location than just soaking up all that is France and enjoying the local villages, local fêtes and local activities in our local area.

A short walk from the house puts you into the village of Chauvigné

We have the knowledge and skills, the location and facilities,  to give you the holiday of a lifetime. If you have dined and snorkeled with us you are sure to adore "La Vie Francais with you hosts Anglais."

We will be offering week long all inclusive vacations similar in style and quality to the Crewed Yacht Vacations we have been providing for the last 7 years.

 You can contact us by e-mail

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